niedziela, 5 lutego 2017

Emily-tiny baby doll with carrier

This cute baby is looking for a home. She name is Emily and she is only 7.87 inch high.  Her face is sculpted using needle felting metod. Baby Emily has short hand embroidered woollen hair and brown eyes. She will travel comfortably in her baby carrier and will have clothes for change as well: striped pants, shirt, cap, dress with a small flower, two velour diaper, baby sack with yelow minky, knitted shoes.
Corduroy baby carrier is very comfortable and have cozy linen in white and pink checkered (pillows, mattress, quilt). Baby Emily when he was hungry, can drink milk from a bottle and when he cries to give her a pacifier.  When Emily is sleeping she cuddles up to her soft cuddly. To make tiny Emily use natural good quality fabrics. All is made with great care about details. She is made of cotton from Switzerland and stuffed with quality soft wool. Bottle of milk and pacifier are made of Fimo clay. If you are interested to adopt her, please leave a comment here - “ADOPTED” and private message.

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